Ranger™ Pressure Infuser

The Ranger Infusor accepts 500 mL to 1,000 mL solution bags and includes a fitting that allows a connection to a Ranger model 90033 Power Pack air compressor or the regulator of a compressed air, CO2 or nitrogen tank. The Ranger system pressure infusor provides up to 300 mmHg maximum dynamic operating pressure.

1. Pressure Infusion Systems


The Ranger pressure infusor combined with Ranger Blood/Fluid warming provides rapid fluid warming up to 30,000 mL per hour. System Includes :

  • Pressure Infusors
  • Power Pack
  • Off-set IV Pole and Base

2. Ranger ™ auto-venting bubble trap


By using the natural buoyancy of air in liquids, the Ranger high flow set's auto-venting bubble trap can automatically vent up to 3,000 mL of air per minute with no clinician involvement required.

High Flow Venting Video - http://www.arizant.com/us/rangersystems/videos

3. Ranger™ Blood and Fluid Warming system


The Ranger® blood and fluid warming systems with SmartHeat® technology adapt to virtually any fluid Ranger Blood/Fluid Warming Unitwarming need from KVO to 30,000 mL per hour. A variety of disposable sets that meet your fluid warming needs, including high flow sets with automatic air elimination to help prevent an air embolus event.

The Ranger blood/fluid warming system and the Ranger irrigation system offer intuitive, simple solutions to the most complex fluid warming needs.

An intelligent blood/fluid warmer featuring SmartHeat® technology

  • Highly conductive warming plates maximize heat transfer
  • System responds to sudden changes in flow rates with ease
  • No excess heat is retained in the system, so flow changes will not overheat fluid

Low-resistance flow path is engineered for optimum performance

  • Warming plates are ideally spaced for optimal surface area contact
  • Gentle-radius curves reduce resistance and promote flow

Built-in safety features provide added protection.

  • Operating set point at 41°C
  • Audible and visible system alarms if fluid temperature exceeds 42°C
  • Audible and visible under-temperature alarms
  • Secondary alarm system provides fail-safe backup
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Critical Group to Attend ALL GPCE as Suture Worshop Sponsor

The Critical Group will be attending this years GPCE in Sydney , Brisbane Perth and Melbourne. We will be introducing the revolutionary QRS and Tabnostic diagnostic systems. For skin cancer specialists we will also be presenting the Visiomed range of digital dermoscopic devices. And show casing the range of Sharpoint Sutures.

The revolutionary Pocket Bougie now available in Australia

The revolutionary Pocket Bougie now available in Australia

Designed to fit into a pocket, Critical Group is pleased to introduce to Australia the next generation of single patient use bougies, the INTROESTM Pocket Bougie. Made from a special blend of PTEF and incorporating innovative design characteristics, the Pocket Bougie is designed to ensure a rapid response to difficult intubation.

Quill - knotless tissue closure for office based procedures

Quill - knotless tissue closure for office based procedures

The Quill™ device offers clinicians a system which potentially increases the speed of tissue closure and eliminates knots from the wound.

Introducing the Orbit portable spirometer from QRS

Introducing the Orbit portable spirometer from QRS

The Orbit is a full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your Personal Comuter, laptop or tablet. This spirometer simplifies testing by eliminating calibration and sterilization with disposable nose-clips and pre-calibrated mouthpieces. The Orbit integrates with Office Medic and your EMR system.